Our solution, a Smart camera

We implement our food waste analysis tool in your restaurant to help you understand and reduce food waste on your meals’ trays.

caméra kikleo

Step 1: Collect waste data

Step 2: Analyse the collected data

Step 3: Implement solutions

Our waste diagnosis tools

Caméra intelligente gaspillage alimentaire kikleo

A patented technology

  • An innovative technology

    We have developed a 3D camera system coupled with artificial intelligence technology.

  • A fine and detailed analysis

    This visual recognition allows us to locate and identify each food item and to estimate the amount wasted

  • Centralized data

    Find all the data collected directly on our client platform

Pour voir le fonctionnement de la caméra 3D, cliquez ici !

Our web platform

  • Flexible data visualization

    The platform makes it possible to focus on certain periods of time or types of food to best meet the needs of restaurateurs

  • Content customisation

    Customised advice and awareness-raising sheets are also available online to better help restaurant owners reduce food waste

  • A comprehensive interface

    The platform includes menus, precise food costs, relevant indicators, which allows us to have the most detailed analysis of a restaurant's food waste

Tool installation

If meals are served on trays, the smart camera is placed on the conveyor belt before the dish-washing area. It can identify, with great precision, the type and quantity of food wasted. 

If there is no conveyor or if there is a sorting table in front of the conveyor, the cameras can also be placed in the restaurant so that guests can scan their trays.

To go further...

We offer ongoing support to help you implement actions

Study of the full costs associated with food waste

Additional analysis of the data collected (age, environment, etc.)

Implementation of an awareness-raising campaign within the restaurant

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