Our solution, a connected scale

We implement our tool in your restaurant to record and analyse food waste in the kitchen to help you understand and reduce it.

Step 1: Collect waste data

Step 2: Analyse the collected data

Step 3: Implement solutions

Our waste diagnosis tools


Simple and effective technology

  • Easy to use

    Record the food thrown away in your kitchen in just a few clicks and without wasting time

  • Live monitoring

    Follow the evolution of waste throughout the service on the tablet

  • Centralized data

    Find all the data collected directly on our client platform

Our web platform

  • Flexible data visualization

    The platform makes it possible to focus on certain periods of time or types of food to best meet the needs of restaurateurs

  • Content customisation

    Customised advice and awareness-raising sheets are also available online to better help restaurant owners reduce food waste

  • A comprehensive interface

    The platform includes menus, precise food costs, relevant indicators, which allows us to have the most detailed analysis of a restaurant's food waste

Advantages of the connected scale

By automating and digitising food waste diagnostic weighing, connected scales make it possible to solve all the problems associated with this operation.

The diagnoses made are therefore both less costly and more accurate.

  • Simplified and less tiring procedure

  • Minimal increase in workload

  • Adaptable to any type of restaurant

  • Possibility to differentiate all components of food waste

  • Homogenisation of data on a single platform

To go further ...

We offer ongoing support to help you implement actions

Study of the full costs associated with food waste

Additional analysis of the data collected (age, environment, etc.)

Implementation of an awareness-raising campaign within the restaurant

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