As of Today, 1/3 of the world's food production is wasted

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of food wasted every second through production and consumption
lost every second that could help in the fight against malnutrition
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of CO2 emitted every second by the production of uneaten food
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If we don’t take action now, food waste is expected to rise from 1.3 billion tonnes today to 2.1 billion tonnes in 2030 (Source: FAO)

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Reducing our food waste by 25% would help meet the needs of the 870 million (1 in 9) malnourished people in the world (Source: FAO)

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Responsible for 8% of greenhouse gas emissions, food waste, if it were a country, would be the 3rd largest polluter behind China and the USA (Source: FAO)

Many resources are being wasted

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Litres of water

This is the amount used each year to produce food that ends up wasted.

Source : WWF

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Of the direct cost of waste

This is the percentage of the direct cost of waste related to the cost of labour. This is hours lost producing meals that will end up wasted .

Source : ADEME

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Of available energy

This is the percentage of the world’s available energy dedicated to food production. 38% of this total will be used to produce food that is then wasted.

Source : FAO 

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